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China Will Promote The Quality Evaluation From The Pursuit Of Pass Rate To The Pursuit Of Satisfaction
Jan 11, 2018

China will promote the quality evaluation from the pursuit of "pass rate" to the pursuit of "satisfaction"


China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Qu Chih-Ching, disclosed that China will establish a new quality inspection quality evaluation system, to encourage product quality comparison test, comprehensive evaluation, experiential investigation, to promote the quality evaluation by the pursuit of "pass rate "To the pursuit of" satisfaction "jumped.


On the 9th, at the China Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Work Conference held here, Zhupingping said that in 2017, China Quality Inspection focused on 12 key products and 10 key service industries nationwide, and combined with the actual determination of 130 categories across the country , 198 kinds of key products, the use of various means of quality control, mobilize the power of all sectors of society, make concerted efforts to enhance the quality of the level. Implementation of standards to upgrade the file, the implementation of enterprise standard leader system. Expand the scope of implementation of the "same line with the same standard of the same line" (referred to as the same as three), to help 2620 enterprises, 9866 kinds of products meet the "three requirements", domestic sales totaled 109.8 billion yuan. In the year, the passing rate of national supervised spot checks of consumer goods reached 91.6%, the number of export-returned goods decreased by 8.84% over the previous year, and the quality of key service industries improved steadily. quality diamond blade


He said that in 2018, China's quality inspection will study and formulate a long-term plan for brand development, guide enterprises to enhance the added value of products and services, and transform their production and operation capabilities and quality advantages into their own brands. We will explore the implementation of the project of quality cultivation in China, conduct in-depth cultivation of quality e-commerce, expand the implementation scope of the "Three Tongsai" project, cultivate and protect the products of geographical indications, and meet the demand for upgrading consumption. The implementation of quality services to create projects to promote enterprises to make quality service commitments and promote new high-quality service industry cluster construction. Efforts to create an internationally renowned Chinese inspection and certification brand, to build a number of Chinese standard overseas demonstration projects, expanding the Chinese standard brand. Strengthen the cultivation of regional brands, integrate all kinds of quality and safety demonstration zones into quality improvement demonstration zones, and amplify the quality and brand effects. Deepen the international exchange and cooperation in brand building, do a good job in China's brand value evaluation and release of well-known brands, explore the development of international brand exhibitions, significantly enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese brands. diamond blade products to check quality.